DJI Mini 4 Pro (DJI RC 2), Folding Mini-Drone with 4K HDR Video Camera for Adults, Under 0.549 lbs/249 g, 34 Mins Flight Time, 20 km Max Video Transmission Distance, Omnidirectional Vision Sensing


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  • Under 249g Regulation Friendly[1] – Lightweight operators will not be required to get a drone pilot certificate to fly the drone. Enjoy the fun of flying without the tedious application process and waiting time.
  • Unleash Stunning Vertical Videos in 4K/60fps HDR – Perfectly showcases sunrise sunset and night scenes with impressive clarity. Share videos instantly without the need for post-cutting. Enjoy high-quality footage straight out of the camera!
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing for Enhanced Safety – With precise detection capabilities in all directions you can fly with confidence knowing that the drone will better detect obstacles. Worry less about collisions when flying even first-time users!
  • Uninterrupted Flights with Extended Battery Life – Experience extended battery life for uninterrupted longer flights[3]. Say goodbye to battery anxiety let nothing hold you back as you explore vast landscapes.
  • Immerse in Real-time Aerial Footage with 20km FHD Video Transmission[2] – An essential for long flights and great high-quality visuals. Experience lag-free image transmission immersing yourself in real-time aerial views like never before.
  • Customize Intelligent Tracking with Ease:┬áTake control of your drone’s tracking trajectory with the new ActiveTrack 360┬░. Achieve complex and seamless operation effects. Even if you’re a beginner getting started and capturing smooth videos is effortless.
  • Includes DJI Mini 4 Pro DJI RC 2 one 34 Mins Flight Time Battery and more. Get precision control with DJI RC 2 featuring a bright screen. Monitor essential info in real time while flying the drone.
  • Notes: The relevant regulatory requirements may vary depending on how you use your drone. For your safety be sure to check and strictly follow the latest local laws and regulations before flying.