DJI Mavic 3T (Thermal)Worry-Free Basic Combo – Camera Drone 640×512 Thermal Imaging Camera, 1/2 CMOS Wide Camera, 56× Hybrid Zoom, 45-Min Flight, Centimeter-level Positioning with RTK,


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  • Compact and Portable – Streamlined and compact the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series can be carried in one hand and deployed at a moment’s notice. Perfect for beginner and veteran pilots alike.
  • Exceptional Operational Efficiency – 45-min flight durations let you cover more ground each mission for mapping up to 2 square kilometers in a single flight.[1]
  • Flagship Imaging Performance – Mavic 3T has a 1/2 CMOS [2] 48MP wide camera a 1/2 CMOS 12MP zoom camera with 56× hybrid zoom and a 640×512 thermal camera [3] with a 61° DFOV a 40mm equivalent focal length.
  • Upgraded Transmission – Quad-antenna O3 Enterprise Transmission enables more stable connections in a wide variety of complex environments.
  • Rich Accessories Unlimited Potential – An RTK Module supports network RTK to achieve centimeter-level positioning. [4] Additional accessories include a loudspeaker and the DJI RC Pro Enterprise Remote Controller.
  • Open Ecosystem – PSDK facilitates access to third-party hardware devices for extended applications Mobile SDK 5 unlocks open-source potential and Cloud API enables direct access for third-party cloud platforms.
  • Full Software Suite – DJI Pilot 2 for safe and efficient flight DJI FlightHub 2 cloud-based drone operations management DJI Terra for mapping and modeling and DTAT 3.0 for analyzing thermal data.
  • Omnidirectional Sensing – Equipped with wide-angle lenses on all sides for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. Adjust proximity alarms and braking distance depending on mission requirements.
  • Mavic 3T provides flagship thermal sensing capability to clearly inspect thermal sources normally used in search and rescue at night firefighting and power line inspection.
  • Provides 2 affordable replacements and 1 maintenance service in the first year of activation. For an additional charge you can have your damaged product replaced if accident occurs.