CZT new 5.1-inch handle appearance video handheld game console portable emulator classic arcade retro gaming game device system built-in 12000 games mp3 mp4


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  • 5.1-inch HD soft light color screen with a resolution of 800*480 the screen is clearer the color is richer the picture quality is better and the details of the game are more reflected while giving your eyes more intimate protection; It adopts ergonomic design and handle-like appearance giving players a better grip and a more comfortable gaming experience.
  • Support a variety of simulators. Support PS1 arcade and other simulators you can find your favorite classic simulators here bringing you good memories.
  • Support game save. When you can’t continue playing the game press the ESC key to save the game and you can continue to play the saved progress next time without having to start over.
  • 72G storage space (8G host+64G TF card). Thousands of classic games are built-in and users can play the games as soon as they receive them saving players the trouble of finding/downloading games. Games can also be deleted or added.
  • Support 1080P TV output. You can connect the high-definition output of the TV through the hdmi cable play games and watch videos on the TV.
  • Support watching video and listening to music. It’s not just a game console you can also watch videos listen to music and read e-books when you get tired of playing games.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery,which can be used for a longer time and can be recharged in a cycle which is convenient environmentally friendly,Easy to carry outdoors.
  • How can I find more games in consoles?In addition to the games displayed on the screen the game console also has more games built in. Select “Games” on the screen and press the B key to enter. You will see the “build in game” folder. After entering you can see more Games (use the L/R key to select the simulator on the left). If you insert a TF card you will see the “Card Directory” folder.