CZT 5.1-inch multi-function video game console color crystal buttons built-in 9600 games MP3MP4 lithium battery game archive AV OUT DV/DC hand-held gaming device (Black)


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  • 5.1 inch multi-function game consoleMore than just a game consoleIt has many functions including:GameVideoMusicEbookPicturesDVDCRecordingstopwatchTF card expansion.It is one of the best entertainment digital products very suitable as a gift.
  • a)Arc design for better operation.Ergonomic body design. The plump and solid grip makes the player’s palm more;b)Color crystal buttons/dual joysticksThe crystal buttons enhance the beauty and texture of the buttons; the non-slip dual joysticks allow players to operate with buttons or joysticks making them more intimate and convenient.
  • 48GB (host 16GB+32GB TF game card) built-in 9600 can be added/deletedYou can play as soon as you get the game console saving yourself the trouble of finding games. Games can be addeddeleted which is convenient for users to choose their favorite games.
  • Game can be saved instantly. You can save the game by pressing the “ESC” key while playing the game. You can continue to play with the saved progress next time. You do not need to start playing from the beginning. can save up to 6 progresses;Support arcade and 10 other game formats all models are classic memories.
  • Can be connected to TV to play games.You can connect to the TV through the AV cable play games and watch videos on the TV and the small screen becomes large in seconds;Built-in rechargeable lithium batterycan be recharged repeatedly which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.