Bigqin 12 in 1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit 142 Pcs for DSLR Camera Lens Sensor Care Cleaning Tools and Accessories, Cleaning Cloth, Air Blower, Lens Brush, Cleaning Swabs, Tweezers etc.


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  • 1.*** 12 Set Digital Product Cleaning Kits Total 142 Pieces: Suede Gray + Cleaning Cloth Blue + Cleaning Sludge 24 Cells + Cotton Swab 100 + Keyboard pullout tool + Air Blower + Tweezers + 5 Yellow Spiral Brush & 5 Black Spiral Brush + Hand Brush + Rotating Portable Brush + Storage Bag.
  • 2. *** Suitable for cleaning headphones keyboards camera lenses glasses mobile phones tablets etc.
  • 3. *** The high density cleaning cloth is suitable for wiping electronic screens and camera lenses and the cleaning sludge can accommodate the garbage to be cleaned.
  • 4. *** Equipped with a variety of tools that are suitable for cleaning different parts and keeping your electronic devices in good condition.
  • 5. *** Portable: The storage bag makes your lens cleaning kit storage convenient and easy to carryand protects them to avoid unexpected collisions.