8BitCADE XL – DIY Educational Gaming Kit – Retro Handheld Game Console for Kids – Build your Own Arduino-Powered Handheld Gaming Console – STEM DIY Electronic Kits – Learn Electronics & Programming


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  • MAKE. PLAY. CODE. YOUR OWN GAMES CONSOLE!… The 8BitCADE XL is an educational DIY Game Console that you create to learn in a fun and rewarding way – learn electronics & programming while playing your favourite retro games!
  • MAKING… The 8BitCADE XL comes in kit form that you assemble to create your very own handheld gaming console. Our intuitive make guide will walk you through step by step how to assemble your new console. It’ll also guide you through the basics of soldering what each component on your 8bitCADE does and more! PLEASE NOTE – the XL needs a soldering iron to make.
  • LEARNING… The 8BitCADE XL isn’t just a handheld gaming console – it’s an education. You’ll learn everything from the basics of programming to game development with our project-based tutorials and foundation courses. Aimed at all difficulties there are guides for both beginners and experienced programmers alike – from how the Arduino IDE works to how to program the famous retro game ‘Space Invaders’.
  • GAMING… It’s the ultimate 8Bit gaming device. A large 2.4 inch Screen up to date electronics a comfortable case – the 8bit gamer’s dream. The XL is delivered preinstalled with over +200 games. However if your hunger for 8bit games continues the XL is compatible with Arduboy an amazing maker community that continues to produce high-quality games that you download and play!
  • SPECS… It’s time to get down to earth and reveal what powers this beasty console. The 8BitCADE XL packs a range of electronics from a programmable RGB LED to a 16MB memory chip. Each feature enhances one of the 3 key aspects: learning making or gaming. The RGB LED helps beginners learn some of the fundamentals of programming while the memory chip can be taken advantage of allowing programmers to create their own menu system with customised categories adding and removing games and much more.