55mm Set of 2 Camera Lens Hoods – Rubber (Collapsible) + Tulip Flower – Sun Shade/Shield – Reduces Lens Flare and Glare – Blocks Excess Sunlight for Enhanced Photography and Video


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  • ✅ ESSENTIAL DSLR CAMERA ACCESSORY ►This set contains 2 rubber camera lens hoods that are compatible with all 55mm lenses. Always verify your camera’s lens thread size before ordering. The correct Ø diameter value can be found on the front of the lens or underneath the lens cap.
  • ✅ BLOCKS EXCESS SUNLIGHT ►The lens hoods will block excess sunlight for enhanced photography and video footage. They will reduce lens glare and flare and boost the black in your pictures.
  • ✅ COLLAPSIBLE IN 3 STEPS ►The rubber lens hood can be folded out in 3 steps to offer different levels of sun shading. Because the rubber lens hood can be fully collapsed you can leave it on your lens so you can always use it when you need it.
  • ✅ TULIP FLOWER HOOD ►The shape of the tulip flower lens hood is ideal for wide angle lenses. It offers a maximum amount of shading without causing vignetting.
  • ✅ NEED MORE? ►Other CamKix accessories are available to protect clean or enhance the pictures and video footage of your DSLR or phone camera.